Clearcape is the advisory and investment vehicle for Kevin Kennedy (pictured) – an established practitioner and consultant in end user finance solutions for assets and renewable energy.

The Clearcape philosophy is that investment and consultancy are a good mix. The first gives you a good understanding of risk and implementation, while the second allows both a recycling and a constant refreshing of knowledge.

Another core belief is that profit is the best measure for total organisation performance, demonstrating clearly whether the activity is truly sustainable i.e. that it is self funding over the medium and long term. The use of profit is a matter for the stakeholders.


8 years in developing markets as an entrepreneur and consultant in digital finance, renewable energy, equipment financing, micro-finance, credit and distribution for development and commercial clients
5 years setting up, running and then selling a high tech, small ticket equipment financing company in the UK
10 years GE and GE Capital in the US, West and Eastern Europe, in leasing and power
Qualified accountant, Project Manager
MSc in Development Economics, MSc. Zoology
English, French, Portuguese and Spanish


“I have worked with Kevin on a mission for our subsidiary in Senegal (financing cleantech products), as well as on a mission for our subsidiary in Nigeria (developing a microleasing offer). Both experiences have been very fruitful and Kevin has played a key role in the development of the new cleantech and microleasing offers that we have launched. His professionalism, his dedication, and his great knowledge about the microleasing and cleantech business are remarkable.”
Paul Karsenti – MicroCred Group (Project Manager for the development of new financial products)