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Clearcape Ltd and Epsilon Investimentos have combined forces to launch the next generation PAYGO solar and digital equipment financing platform in Mozambique

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Solar Now BV
A consultancy that rapidly turned into a cash and sweat equity investment. From 2011 – 2012 over a period of 18 months I was the GM of the Uganda operation, taking them from 0 to 1000 systems installed, putting in all the functions and systems on the way.  IN early 2016 I disposed of my shareholding in a private sale.



The Clearcape Fund for Microenterprises and University Education
The Lake Spa Entebbe

There are two strands to this very modest attempt to have direct social impact.  The first is through supporting talented local managers in whatever business initiative they have. Investments are maximum $10,000, and free advice comes with the investment.  To date two women entrepreneurs have been helped to set up their own businesses – a spa in Uganda and a retail fashion outlet in Mozambique

Clearcape also supports university undergraduate with fees and a living allowance.  Four  students have received assistance in Uganda and Mozambique.


Grenke Leasing Ltd UK
Carrying a reputation for “getting things done” from a 10 year career in GE, I took the first step on the entrepreurship ladder with the UK franchise for Grenke Leasing AG

Grenke is a ground breaking and unique leasing company (since expanded to banking and other services) where the full power of system, data and analytics are combined with a razor sharp customer and cost focus.

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